Brad is the host of The KBCO Groove Show (Saturdays 9pm - midnight)

I actually listened to my father for the first time in my final year as being a teenager when he told me "You're spending all this money from your paychecks on concert tickets and CDs, so why not get into something like radio so you can be around music all the time?"

I got my internship working at 890 WLS in Chicago working for the Afternoon Drive show "Roe Conn and Gary Meier" show and also helping out Jay Marvin while he was prepping for his show in the evening.  I quickly learned that radio works best when I took the best advice I could ever learn from Jay Marvin, "Say what will push people's buttons enough to want to call you and express their opinion"�that sounds just like me, I love to be a "Jackass" just to get a reaction out of people around me!

The first actual paying job in radio I ever got was running the board for 4 weeks at a Polka radio station in south Chicago that was being run out of a Trailer Home!!  It took me 4 years of a few radio station jobs and vaulted out of the city of Chicago from WLIT to Denver all because I vacationed a couple of years during the summer and saw some Red Rocks concerts (Phil Lesh & Friends and Blues Traveler) and said to myself "if this city can be this much fun during the summer, I can't even imagine how much fun Winter will be to surf those beautiful Rocky Mountains on a snowboard"�I have lived here now for over 10 years and I have fallen in love with the great state of Colorado.  

I found myself finally getting to work at 97.3 KBCO on February 1, 2008 as the Promotions Director!  I finally gave the Program Director enough beer to fool him into allowing me on the air and now you'll find me on the radio rambling on about how much fun seeing live concerts is and how you should buy me a beer at the next show�so see you at the bar around at a concert venue in Boulder/Denver soon and I'll tell you how great Pearl Jam is or how many times I have seen Widespread Panic.