Hiya, my Sage-tastic chums!

Here at the Sage Page, we celebrate all things musical! Think you know your Sage trivia?

You can challenge the Sage every Wednesday morning on-air beginning at 7am by calling 303-631-2-973!

Here, as always, are the rules to Stump the Sage. When calling The Mighty Sage on Wednesday mornings, be sure to keep these in mind:

  • No Jimmy Buffet questions
  • No two-part questions
  • No American Horse questions
  • No artist mother/father questions
  • No "I know someone in the band" questions
  • No backup singer questions
  • No questions about kids' TV shows (i.e.: Arthur, Wild Thornberries, etc)
  • No questions with more than one possible answer (i.e.: Where did Pearl Jam get its name)
  • No concert date and venue questions
  • No engineers on albums questions
  • No "I met this guy one who had lunch with a guy who used to know the band..." questions
  • No "At what age did (artist) (event)?" questions
  • No Journey questions
  • No Van Halen or "Van Hagar" questions
  • No blurting out the answer while The Mighty Sage mulls his answer
  • No Rainbow Butt Monkeys questions
  • No "Charmed" questions or any other show on "The WB"
  • No Taylor Dayne questions
  • No questions about songs that have never been released
  • No Getaway People questions
  • In case of a "Sage Off" be prepared for Robbyn Hart to be the final arbitrator of questionable questions
  • on 97.3 KBCO you must wait 90 days before trying to Stump the Sage successfully again
  • Current or former employees of KBCO are not allowed to win prizes from The Mighty Sage
  • Make sure you know the CORRECT answer to your own question. We have ways of figuring out when you have the wrong answer.
  • The Sage has the right to refuse or accept your question and change the rules for any reason he chooses.