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Phoenix's recent performance alongside R. Kelly may lead to more collaborations with the singer. 

Kelly took the stage alongside the band at this year's Coachella.  Guitarist Chris Mazzalai says in a recent interview that the group may end up recording with Kelly.  He even teasingly lifted his glasses and winked when answering a question about future collaborations with the singer, adding "soon you will know." 

Mazzalai also explained how the group got the idea to appear with Kelly.  He says the idea came to them one week before the music festival.  Because they always play Kelly's music before going on stage, they decided to create a live mash-up with music by Kelly and the group.  

Mazzalai also explained that the group didn't get to meet R. Kelly before taking the stage with him.  He says they "met him on stage" and didn't rehearse, causing "a beautiful tension" on stage.    

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