Friends For 60 Years Discover They Are Actually Brothers

posted by Dave Basner -

Have you ever had a friend you were so close with that you swore you were related? Well that was the case for some pals in Hawaii, except it turned out that they actually were brothers. 

Alan Robinson and Walter MacFarlane have been friends for 60 years. They're 15 months apart and were both born and raised in the Aloha State where they both played football at the same school, and neither knew their father - Walter never met his while Alan was adopted. 

Curious about his family history, Walter turned to the family DNA matching website He found out he had some identical X chromosomes to a user named Robi737. Well Alan goes by Robi and he used to fly 737s for Aloha Airlines. Lo and behold, Alan was Robi737. He also used to learn about his family and that's how the pair discovered they had the same mother. 

The pair revealed the news to friends and family at a party this weekend. Alan called it the "best Christmas present [he] could ever imagine." 

The two plan to travel and enjoy retirement together.