Chrissy Teigen Live-Tweets As Her Plane Gets Turned Back Due To A Stowaway

posted by Dave Basner -

Anyone who flies often has likely encountered some kind of issue that's delayed them, but yesterday Chrissy Teigen had something crazy happen on her flight - and she live-tweeted the whole thing. 

The model and her husband, John Legend, were four hours into an ANA flight from LA to Tokyo when the pilots turned the plane around because of a stowaway. Chrissy kept her followers up to date on everything:

It was a memorable flight for everyone, especially the pair's seatmate: 

Once back in LA, authorities wanted to chat with people on the plane, but Chrissy couldn't get more info on what went down. 

When they finally got off the plane, airline officials seemed to take good care of the celeb couple, setting them up in a lounge and providing them with the essentials. 

This morning, Chrissy had time to review everyone's comments from yesterday's incident and compiled the best of them:

She didn't have much more info on yesterday's flight but was able to board another:

Today's flight was also memorable, but for a very different reason:

Teigen did have one fear about her second attempt at getting to Japan:

Here's hoping she and John made it without any other problems, and a new menu. 

Photo Credit: Getty