Weirdest Twitter Thread Ever Involves Teigen, Clinton, Hooters and Satan

posted by Dave Basner -

It's only the beginning of January, but the strangest Twitter thread of the year has probably already happened. It involves Chrissy Teigen, Chelsea Clinton, Hooters and Satan. 

It started with Chrissy complaining that Twitter verified someone who accused her of posting child abuse photos when she tweeted out pics of her daughter. 

Then Chelsea Clinton tweeted her support to Chrissy, which the model appreciated. 

It all seemed nice and calm until someone with the name Rogue Hooters Staff had to make a rude comment towards Chelsea. That brought the real restaurant into the mix, much to Chrissy's shock.   

Apparently, it wasn't too shocking for Chelsea, who mentioned how she's dealt with weirder things before... then things got weirder. 

If this is a glimpse of the Twitter threads to come in 2018, it just might be one of the greatest years yet.

Photo Credit: Getty