KBCO Studio C Volume 32 Release

Select Whole Foods Market Locations


  1. Marcus King Band | Homesick
  2. Sia | Day Too Soon
  3. Dave Matthews | Take Me to Tomorrow
  4. Phil Lesh | Gone Wanderin
  5. Nathaniel Rateliff | Time Stands
  6. Cold War Kids | So Tied Up
  7. Grace Potter | Stop the Bus
  8. Lone Bellow | Count on Me
  9. Michael Franti | I Got You
  10. Black Crowes | She Talks to Angels
  11. Norah Jones | Flipside
  12. Lumineers | Slow it Down
  13. Devon Gilfillian | Unchained
  14. X Ambassadors | Hold You Down
  15. Marcus Mumford | Kansas City
  16. Hiss Golden Messenger | Jenny of the Roses
  17. I’m With Her | Call My Name
  18. The String Cheese Incident | Good Times Around the Bend


Listen all day, every day for a track from KBCO Studio C Volume 32. When you hear it along with keyword, text the keyword to 57739 for your chance to get a copy before it goes on sale.

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(No giveaways on Thanksgiving day)


Cost: $12 + applicable taxes

People can get up to 6 CDs

No Checks


The KBCO Studio C Volume 32 Release will be available starting at 6am on Saturday, December 5 at select Colorado Whole Foods Market locations.


So much has changed in 2020, and that includes how you can purchase copies of KBCO Studio C Volume 32. This year, instead of waiting in line, use joinourline.com to hold your place in line. When you arrive at your local Whole Foods Market store on December 5, stay in your vehicle, log on to joinourline.com and wait for a message to inform you when it's your turn to go in to the store.

How do I join the line? There are several options:

  • Go to joinourline.com and select from a list of locations within your proximity (if location services is enabled on your device)
  • Scan the QR code to be taken directly to the link to join the line on your phone or internet connected device.
  • Go directly to the stores unique join our line url, example- joinourline.com/join/l[storecode]
  • See a door attendant and they can take care of it for you if you have a phone or not.

What information does Join Our Line track about me? None. We don’t collect any personal info.

How do I join the line if I don’t have a phone? There will be a door attendant who can add customers who walk up for any reason. No phone is required.

What if I don’t have any signal and I want to join the line? If you do not have any signal or cannot get to the joinourline.com website please see a door attendant to be added to the line. The door attendant can either add your phone number so that you get an SMS when it’s your turn, or they can add your name or a note and let you know when its your turn if you wait near the door.

What happens when there is no line at a store that uses JOL? You can walk right in like you do today. If a you try to join the line virtually when there is no line you will see a message letting you know you can come right in.

How do I know how long I’ll have to wait/how many people are in front of me? Before you join the line JOL will tell you - There are X number of people waiting ahead of you.

What happens if I join the line but leave before it’s my turn (or do not make it to the door in time)? Each location has a set amount of time for you to get to the door from the time you are called up (typically 5-10 min). When a customer shows up to the door, after being called up, they are checked in by the door attendant. If you leave before being called up you will still be called up. If you do not shows up in time that space in line expires and the next customer us called up.

What happens when I leave the store? There is a door attendant who tracks the number of people who leave. No individual information is tracked. YOU are not checked out, the total number of customers is reduced by the number of people in your party when you leave. No personal information is retained.



How much does one cost? $12, plus applicable taxes.

What happens when it sells out? Once they are sold-out, there is no other way to purchase one.

Why can't I buy my copy online? The release is required to be sold at a retail outlet in the front range of Colorado area only, no online sales are allowed by record companies so this release is special to the listeners of KBCO only.

What payment is acceptable? Cash and credit, checks are not able to be accepted.

How many can I purchase? Limited to 6 per person in line.