Bride Delivers Face-Melting Drum Solo At Her Own Wedding

"The Drumming Bride" A.K.A. Suzanne Morissette Cruz celebrated her special day by doing what she loves: melting faces with an insane drum solo! While in her wedding dress, Cruz hopped behind the kit for an impromptu performance that had our jaws stuck to the floor. This is one wedding we definitely wouldn't mind being dragged to.  

Cruz is a music instructor in California and her husband is a musician as well and can be seen playing keyboards in the video. While speaking to Drum Talk TV, Cruz described the jam session that quickly went viral. "It was such an impromptu moment at our wedding and we're musicians so my husbands like "C'mon let's go sit in." 

Her wedding videographer posted the clip a few years after her ceremony and she wasn't even aware that she had hit internet fame. "I Googled my name and I was like, "this is me," or at least it looked like me anyways!"

Check out Suzanne drum at her own wedding below: 



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