New Peter Buck Project Collaboration on the way in March

The First-ever collaboration between the R.E.M. guitarist and The Auteurs’s front man.

Beat Poetry For The Survivalistis the new collaboration between Peter Buck and Luke Haines.

Peter Buck was the guitarist for the biggest band in the world–R.E.M. Luke Haines was the guitarist for The Auteurs. The Auteurs were not the biggest band in the world. They were pretty good though. Luke Haines also does paintings of Lou Reed.

One day, Peter Buck bought one of Luke Haines’ Lou Reed paintings. They had never met before but decided that the fates had brought them together and they should write some songs together and make an album.

Beat Poetry For The Survivalistis that album. With songs about legendary rocket scientist and occultist Jack Parsons, The Enfield Hauntings, (of 1978) a post-apocalyptic radio station that only plays Donovan records, Bigfoot, and Pol Pot.


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