B Strong On-Demand

Join us for B Strong On-Demand

WHO: For individuals & small groups that you ride on the best day for you.

WHAT: B Strong’s Corona-safe “virtual event” (but still a real ride!)

WHERE: B Strong On-Demand features three outstanding route options, with a phone app that provides turn-by-turn navigation & map for 3 route choices:

  • Mountain Loop (68 miles) 
  • Red Zinger 31 Loop (31 miles)
  • Countryside Loop (24 miles) 

WHEN: August 8 - 21

WHY: The event funds a complete year of cancer care at BCH Center for Integrative Care.

You can now register at www.bstrongride.com

  1. Click on “Register” and you will be directed to B Strong Ride’s registration platform.
  2. Click on the “Join or Start a Team” button
  3. Type in Team KBCO in the “find an existing team to join’ search box
  4. You will be prompted to sign up using social media or an email address
  5. You will now be able to input your information including your discount code: BSODKBCO20 It’s important to use our discount code, so you are identified as part of Team KBCO AND so you get the B Strong jersey!
  6. Following the completion of registration you will be asked to complete your fundraising page as a member of Team KBCO

KBCO is proud of its support of B Strong and its beneficiaries.

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