1965 - The Beatles recorded "Michelle" at EMI Studios in London. The song went on to become one of the Beatles' most popular songs in France given that some of the lyrics are in French. It started as a lark, McCartney making up words that sounded French or a laugh at parties until Lennon suggested he come up with a proper song for Rubber Soul. McCartney asked Jan Vaughan, a French teacher and the wife of his old friend Ivan Vaughan, to come up with a French name and a phrase that rhymed with it. Vaughan came up with "Michelle, ma belle", and a few days later McCartney asked for a translation of "these are words that go together well", rendered as: sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble. When McCartney played the song for Lennon, Lennon suggested the "I love you" bridge.

1976 - Firefall's self-titled album is certified Gold. It included the songs 'You Are The Woman' and 'Cinderella'. The Boulder group was formed by former Flying Burrito Brother Rick Roberts, fellow ex-Burrito and Byrd Michael Clarke, ex-Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne member Mark Andes, plus Jock Bartley, Larry Burnett, and David Muse, who joined in 1977. Firefall is a member of the Colorado Music Hall Of Fame

1993 - Leon Theremin dies. Theremin (1896-1993) was a Russian inventor, most famous for the Theremin, one of the first electronic musical instruments. Popularized in the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations," the device was used to create those futuristic sound effects in many sci-fi movies.

2015 - Months after 1000 singers and musicians in Cesena, Italy perform "Learn to Fly" in an effort to entice Foo Fighters to play there, the group complies, performing a concert in the city. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for DIRECTV)


Bert Jansch, UK folk singer, songwriter, & guitarist, was born on this date in 1943. He a big influence on Jimmy Page, Neil Young, Nick Drake, and Paul Simon.

Adam Ant is 66.

Courtney Barnett is 33.

On This Day In Music History is sourced from This Day in Music, Paul Shaffer's Day in Rock, Song Facts, Allmusic, and Wikipedia.

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