Zoom and Greet with Stone Gossard and Mason Jennings

97.3 KBCO has your invitation to a private "ZOOM AND GREET" session featuring Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard's new side project with Mason Jennings called Painted Shield. You have a chance to join Keefer for this intimate conversation including your questions and comments with Stone Gossard and Mason Jennings. All this week, LISTEN after 3pm to score your way in.

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Painted Shield:

Sometimes an album by a new band gets everything right. Such is the case with Painted Shield and their eponymous debut release (Loosegroove Records/ The Orchard): Rather than sounding like a tentative identikit of musical styles, it’s a brilliantly conceived, bold and cohesive portrait of its creators – chiefly Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, singer-songwriter Mason Jennings and drumming star Matt Chamberlain – and a clear-eyed statement of purpose. 

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