New REMIX of The Clash by a fan

The Clash's last album, 1985'sCut the Crap, has gotten an interesting remix -- courtesy of a musically inclined fan.

The album came after long-time members Mick Jones andTopper Headon were booted out by Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon, and then replaced with three little known musicians, Vince White, Nick Sheppard and Pete Howard.

A fan named Gerald Mannssays he knew some of the songs from bootlegs of the new lineup and that he was very disappointed with the way they sounded when Cut the Crap was released. Last year, he discovered that with some special software he could strip out Strummer's vocals and could try to replicate the way the band sounds on those bootlegs. So he recorded all new backing tracks for all the songs, using the live bootlegs as a guide.

Cut the Crap Rebooted (Mohawk Revenge) is on YouTube and Manns says, "I think these were quite decent songs and a lot of fun to listen to now. For me, this is the CTCI expected and hoped for when it was released in 1985."

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