1963 - On a recommendation from George Harrison, Decca Records A&R man Dick Rowe (who had turned down The Beatles), went to see The Rolling Stones play in London. The band signed to the label within a week.

1968 - Buffalo Springfield split up. Future Colorado Music Hall Of Famers Richie Furay formed Poco and Stephen Stills teamed up with David Crosby and Graham Nash in Crosby Stills & Nash.

1969 - Creedence Clearwater Revival release "Bad Moon Rising." In Rolling Stone, John Fogerty explained that the lyrics were inspired by a movie called The Devil And Daniel Webster, in which a hurricane wipes out most of a town. This is where he got the idea for the words "I feel the hurricane blowin', I hope you're quite prepared to die." From Louder Sound: “The times seemed to be in turmoil. Martin Luther King and [US senator] Robert F Kennedy had been assassinated. I knew it was a tumultuous time.”

1969 - The Beatles single "Get Back" had its U.S. release. John Lennon claimed in 1980 that "There's some underlying thing about Yoko in there," suggesting that Paul McCartney looked at Yoko Ono in the studio every time he sang "Get back to where you once belonged.

1984 - Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders married Jim Kerr of Simple Minds. The couple divorced in 1990.

1992 - Radiohead released 'The Drill EP', their first record in the UK. The band were still called "On a Friday" (that's the day they practiced) when the songs for this EP were recorded; they changed their name to Radiohead the following month.

2018 - The musical Jagged Little Pill, based on Alanis Morissette's 1995 album of the same name, debuts at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Despite being based on a 23-year-old album, the musical is very much rooted in the present, touching on issues of racial and gender identity, sexual assault, gun control, and drug addiction, with the New York Times suggesting it "may just be the most woke musical since Hair."


1898 - Blues musician Blind Willie McTell is born William Samuel McTier in Thomson, Georgia. Bob Dylan wrote a song about him called Blind Willie McTell, with the lyric, "Nobody can sing the blues like Blind Willie Mc Tell.

Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward is 73.

Roddy Radiation of The Specials is 66.

Ian McCulloch, singer-songwriter and frontman for Echo and the Bunnymen, is 62.

Steve Stevens, guitarist and songwriter best-known as Billy Idol's guitarist and songwriting collaborator, and for his lead guitar work on the theme to Top Gun - "Top Gun Anthem" - for which he won a Grammy in 1987, is 62.

Adele is 33. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

On This Day In Music History is sourced from This Day in Music, Louder Sound, Rolling Stone, Song Facts and Wikipedia.

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