PINK FLOYD: The Guitarist's Side of Animals

What's the hold-up with the reissue of Pink Floyd's Animals?

Guitarist David Gilmour did an interview with Rolling Stone before the recent comments from Roger Waters. That interview has now been published, and he confirms what Waters was griping about -- liner notes.

Gilmour says, "Someone has tried to force some liner notes on it that I haven’t approved. And, um, someone is digging his heels and not allowing it to be released."

The original album did not contain liner notes, and Gilmour adds, "I didn’t approve them. And [Waters is] just getting a bit [irritable]. You know how he is, poor boy."

Gilmour goes on to say that it's "pretty unlikely" that the tension between the two will lessen. "There’s a lot of misinformation. And I’m not keen on constantly responding to every bit of untruth that I hear about myself and what I’m doing. There are packs of lies and information I’ve allowed to sit out there, but my general view is to swallow and…it’ll all come right one day in one way or another."

Though Waters has thrown in the towel and agreed to let the album be released, he plans to write about it in the memoir he's working on.

Still no word on when the Animals reissue will be out.

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