ALANIS MORISSETTE: HBO Doc to Premiere at Toronto Film Fest

A documentary on Alanis Morissette that focuses on Jagged Little Pill is headed to the Toronto Film Festival.

Directed for HBO by award-winning documentarian Alison Klayman, Jagged also explores Morissette's "life and work," according to IMDB.

In a recent interview with Audible, Morissette explained why she hasn't viewed the film yet. "As Alison's been working on it, I'm saying, 'I don't want to see anything until the end.' Because I think 50 percent of what she found in my archives is footage I've never even seen. Some of it I don't even remember having been there. So it'll be entertaining I think, fingers crossed."

The Toronto Film Festival will run from September 9th through 18th.

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