Red Hot Chili Peppers bass guitarist Flea revealed his thoughts about the recent ‘drug’ controversy in the Olympics by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

Recently, Olympic Committee decided to cut She’Carri Richardson from the upcoming event because of the result of the drug test. However, it wasn’t steroids or performance-enhancing pills. It was only because she used marijuana.

As Flea wanted to show his support to Richardson, he shared a picture of her and called out to the authorities to let everybody do what they want, even though it is maybe smoking weed.

Furthermore,Flea also revealed in the caption that he is a huge fan of the Olympics and said that all the elite athletes should have decided to live their own life while mentioning the importance of freedom for these people.

Flea wrote:

“Let Sha’Carri Richardson run in the Tokyo Olympics or be a travesty! And, let her smoke all the weed she wants.

She, and all elite athletes have dedicated their lives to their sport, it must not be denied due to archaic and senseless rules. Plus, I love the Olympic and I am her fan and wanna see her rock the world.”

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