The most "Literate" songwriters? You may be surprised at SOME on this list!

Billie Eilish turns out some of the world's most popular songs, and it turns out she also turns out the smartest ones, too.

Wordtips analyzed the songs of hundreds of artists to determine how many "unique" words they used in their songs, and Billie ranks near the top of the list of modern music-makers with 169 per 1000 total words. Bjork tops Billie by a hair, with 197 "unique" words per 1000, while Thom Yorke of Radiohead checks in with 151. Other literacy-loving writers on the list include Lorde, Kurt Cobain and Iggy Pop.

At the other end of the spectrum, Prince and Adam Levine tie Justin Bieber for lack of lyrical diversity, with only 80 unique words per 1000.Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons and, believe it or not, John Lennon, also rank near the bottom. (!!!!!!!)

Overall, the most literate writer in the study was punk poet Patti Smith, whose songs contained 217 unique words per 1000.

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