‘South Park’ creators to buy Casa Bonita

DENVER (KDVR) — Like many Coloradans, Gov. Jared Polis is a fan of the cartoon show “South Park” that has been running for decades, but wasn’t expecting the creators to make a major announcement Friday morning.

“As of about an hour ago, pending bankruptcy proceedings that have to happen in a couple of months, we’ve come to an agreement with the owner and we bought it,” said South Park co-creator Matt Stone.

The restaurant is famous for its cliff divers, sopapillas and reportedly not the greatest food in the world, but everyone comes for the atmosphere.

The restaurant has been in business since the 1970s and has been a staple place for gathering.

When “South Park” aired an episode highlighting the restaurant in 2003, it launched the restaurant’s reputation as an iconic Denver destination.

“We all love Casa Bonita,” Polis said “The one area that we’d all love to see an upgrade, I think I speak on behalf of everyone who patronizes Casa Bonita, is the food could be a little better.”


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