Lindsey Buckingham Says 1/2 of Fleetwood Mac Wants Him Back


As Lindsey Buckingham preps for his upcoming solo tour and new studio album -- he maintains that half of Fleetwood Mac wants him back in the band. Three years after being tossed out of the group, the soon-to-be-divorced Buckingham has overcome open-heart surgery, hits the road early next month, and releases his self-titled collection on September 17th.

While talking to Mojo, Buckingham shed light on what precipitated his unplanned 2018 exit from Fleetwood Mac: "I did the record with Christine McVie (Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie in 2017) and wanted to go straight on to this (solo album). Fleetwood Mac wanted to tour. So we ended up going in a direction I didn’t see coming. Stevie (Nicks) orchestrated that, and the others were stuck in the middle. I thought at this point in our careers it doesn’t speak well of the legacy. So I had to restructure everything. But, hey, that's rock n' roll. . ."

Regarding a reunion with Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham said, "It would be so appropriate for the five of us to go out again, even if you want to call it a farewell tour. I didn’t see the last shows (with Mike Campbell and Neil Finn) but I heard it was a little generic, like a covers band. That’s fine, because there’s always a faction of people who are coming for the brand, per se, and aren’t going to differentiate in terms of members as long as Stevie is up there. But it would be great for us to share it one last time. I know Mick (Fleetwood) and Christine would love that to happen. Wait and see." Buckingham neglected to offer whether bassist John McVie is open to him returning.

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