1962 - Ringo Starr made his debut with The Beatles at the Horticultural Society Dance in Birkenhead, England, having had a two-hour rehearsal in preparation. This was the first appearance of The Beatles as the world would come to know them: John, Paul, George and Ringo. The Beatles played Red Rocks in 1964. Red Rocks was the only one of the initial dates on the Beatles’ 1964 tour that did not sell out—at least officially. Only 7,000 fans bought general admission tickets to see the show in the 9,000-plus capacity venue. Press accounts blamed the unsold tickets on the “out of the way” location, coupled with no public transportation for teens.

1969 - Jimi Hendrix closes out Woodstock with an early morning performance of "Hey Joe." The festival headliner, he was supposed to play the previous night, but when it runs long, he ends up taking the stage on a Monday morning. His set includes a scorching rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner." While shutting down Woodstock, Hendrix becomes a human tuning fork for the '60s zeitgeist, dousing the US national anthem in tie-dyed mix of rage and exuberance. Hendrix's "Star Spangled Banner" sears itself into the psyche of the '60s generation. Somehow, in its distorted way, the performance gives sound to all the semi-rational hopes and fears of the era. For many, it is the defining moment of a defining cultural event. (Photo by - / various sources / AFP) (Photo by -/Svenska Dagbladet/AFP via Getty Images)

1977 - Elvis Presley's funeral is held at Graceland, where 150 guests are invited inside and about 75,000 fans pay their respects outside.

2010 - French beauty brand Etat Libre D'Orange announced that they have teamed up with the Sex Pistols to bottle the scent of the Punk era by launching the band's first fragrance. Company executives said "to wear this scent, you must resist tradition, fight conformity, and disregard aromatic conventions."


Sarah Dash, Labelle ('Lady Marmalade'), and Keith Richards' X-Pensive Winos is 81.

Erik Schrody of House of Pain and later known as Everlast, is 52.

On This Day In Music History is sourced from This Day in Music, Song Facts, Coloradomusic.org, and Wikipedia.

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