Jagger's brother: Watts and Wyman were the foundation of The Stones.

According toChris Jagger, his older brotherMickandKeith Richardsare not the foundation upon whichThe Rolling Stoneswere built. Mick Jagger's younger brother Chris Jagger says :

"The Stones was very much based on Charlie and [bassist]Bill[Wyman]. They made those records as good as they are."

Chris obviously knew Charlie quite well. A singer and musicians like his brother, Chris occasionally sat in with Charlie's jazz bands, as well as interviewing him a number of years ago for a BBC Radio 2 special on the late British blues player,Alexis Korner, who played a role in bringing together the members of the Stones.

"He wasn't fixated on The Rolling Stones, believe me. You know, he had his own life very much. These guys, you know, like [Rolling Stones piano playerIan]Stu[Stewart], Charlie as well, the gigs they liked playing were like nice little clubs where everybody gets to listen and you can wander around and it's not some great big stadium. And that was kind of Charlie. He was a pretty down to Earth guy, you know. If you'd of given him the choice that's what he would've done." 

Charlie Watts died from an undisclosed illness on August 24th. He was 80.

Chris Jagger, who is five years young than Mick, published his autobiography,Talking to Myself, last Friday, as well as releasing a new album on the same day,Mixing Up the Medicine.

Details on both can be found at ChrisJaggerOnline.com.

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