Nathaniel Rateliff Will Auction Off Gear to Benefit the Marigold Project

Four years after forming the Night Sweats in 2013, singer-songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff founded The Marigold Project, a foundation that supports community and nonprofit organizations working toward racial, social and economic justice.

Starting Wednesday, October 27, Rateliff will auction off some of his music gear, including guitars, amps and a synth, on to benefit the Marigold Project. One of the items on the Official Nathaniel Rateliff Reverb Shop is his Gibson B25-12, a twelve-string acoustic guitar that Rateliff bought in 2011 during the recording of his solo album, Falling Faster Than You Can Run.

Rateliff is also letting go of two Fender Princeton Reverb amps that were completely hand-wired to replicate the 1964 Black Panel Fender amps, as well as a Nash twelve-string guitar and a Nash Telecaster-style guitar that he used during the first few years of playing with the Night Sweats.

"When forming the Night Sweats, there was an important decision to be made about the instrument that would hold steady throughout our high-energy show," Rateliff told Reverb about his Nash Tele-style guitar. "I needed a workhorse instrument that could stay with me the whole time."

Jon Solomon/Westword

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