Ahead of Hulu's Sex Pistols show, this rocker praises the band's legacy

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day says that Sex Pistols have left a long legacy in the world of punk rock.

Armstrong spoke with Rolling Stone about his fellow Rick and Roll Hall of Famers ahead of the six-part mini-series Pistol, which premieres on Hulu Tuesday. He says that with their implosion on a U.S. tour in 1978 "The Sex Pistols killed punk before it had the opportunity to go mainstream back then. What they had proved is that punk rock was not meant for the masses. If you’re picking up the guitar to play punk rock music, it’s not for fame...

"So when you get all of these pockets of kids all over the globe that are making music that has that Sex Pistols influence, who want to create their own underground form of anarchy, it gives you faith that music is not just there to be manufactured and corporate and consumerist. It’s there because people are investing into their lives and reflecting the way that they feel about the world and the way they feel about themselves. And that’s been the long legacy that the Sex Pistols left behind."

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