Just released OLD clip of Led Zeppelin at MSG 1970 "Immigrant Song"

While we wait for a release date for the official Led Zeppelin documentary Becoming Led Zeppelin, which premiered last September at the Venice Film Festival, Zep fans are salivating over a new 2:48 YouTube clip.

The eight-millimeter footage was captured on September 19th, 1970 at New York's Madison Square Garden during their second of two shows that day.

Coming a day after the death of Jimi Hendrix, which was acknowledged by Robert Plant, the show is described on the band's website as "one of their best ever."

This newly posted clip features them playing their set opener, "Immigrant Song," three weeks ahead of its release on Led Zeppelin 3, and part of "Heartbreaker."

As for Becoming Led Zeppelin, there is a report that they're still shopping for a distributor.

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