Rolling Stones want you to vote today on Opening Song for Tomorrow's show

The Rolling Stones have posted the four songs they want fans to vote on for the first show of their Sixty European tour, tomorrow (Wednesday) in Madrid, Spain.

They are:

  • "No Expectations" - performed 21 times and last played on May 8th, 2013 in San Jose, California
  • "Beast of Burden" - performed 242 times, with the last being October 29th, 2021 in Tampa
  • "Shine a Light" - performed 21 times, with the last being September 30th, 2017 in Amsterdam
  • "Fool to Cry" - performed 54 times, with the last being October 24th, 2021 in Minneapolis

Votes can be placed at

this is my pick. But sadly, I'm not going to Madrid tomorrow.

The Stones will play 14 shows through July 31st in Stockholm, Sweden.

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