Denver Fried Chicken Joint Named One Of The Best In The U.S.

Fried Chicken

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Fried chicken is so popular in America, that there are restaurants and eateries dedicated to serving this Southern comfort food. Not all chicken is made equal, meaning there are plenty of ways chefs and cooks can approach this delicious dish.

Eater got curious about the best fried chicken in the country, so they rolled out a list of the top restaurants you can keep your eye on. One Denver restaurant made the list, as well: Noble Riot!

Contributor Nikolaus Hines gushes about what makes this restaurant's fried chicken stand out:

"Noble Riot opened in 2019 as a nerdy, funky wine bar. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it started serving fried chicken for people craving comfort, forming a combo meal that 'mixes classy with trashy,' as co-owner Troy Bowen puts it. Ordered by the bucket (which feeds two for $19 or four for $36), the juicy chicken is breaded in a gluten-free cornstarch and rice flour mix that’s unfailingly crunchy. Look out for specials, like buckets of Champagne and chicken for Valentine’s Day, and don’t sleep on the smashed fingerling potatoes. Accompany your bucket with whatever bottle the sommelier likes that day."

If you want to try Noble Riot's amazing fried chicken, drop by 1336 27th St. in Denver.

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