Are There More Exciting Beatles And John Lennon Box Sets On The Way?

(A multi-disc REVOLVER set? Just take my money!)

Details are sketchy and unconfirmed -- but two major Beatles box sets might be coming our way over the next few months. 

Beatlefan magazine has heard from two sources that "a multi-disc Revolver box set is planned for October 26th or October 28th." Producer Giles Martin revealed last year that a Revolver set was in the works -- but no official announcement has been made.

Also said to be released around John Lennon's 82nd birthday on October 9th is the already-announced Some Time In New York City box set -- which was also previously said to be coming this year but with zero additional details. Beatlefan's source stated the set will be "including some sort of Blu-ray disc." Again, no official word has been offered from either Lennon's label or estate.

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