Dolly Wants To Re-record Stairway To Heaven With Page And Plant

In 2002, Dolly Parton recorded Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" for her album Halos & Horns. She now tells Pollstar she wants to re-record it for a rock album she is planning, and wants to have some special guests on it

"I’m going to redo that really on the money. I did it kind of bluegrass-style when I did it; but when I do the rock album, I’m going to actually re-record it -- and do it more true to the regular record.

"I’m trying to see if Robert Plant might sing on it. Maybe Jimmy Page might do the pick-up part on it. I’m looking forward to dragging in some of the great classic people, girls and boys, to sing on some of the songs. I’m not far enough along to discuss who and what, but I am going to do an album."

Perhaps Dolly will be able to recruit some players next Saturday when she's inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at the ceremony in Los Angeles.

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