Paul Fletcher

Paul Fletcher on 97.3 KBCO 8pm-midnight (Monday-Friday)

Paul was born and raised in Minnesota. Since he wasn’t good enough to play hockey at a high level, he fell into radio in Minneapolis. His first full time opportunity brought him to the mountains in Vail at the Radio One Networks. After long stints in Omaha and, again, in Minneapolis, Paul found his way back to the mountains, he fell in love with, here at KBCO.

My favorite things are: my children, my wife, hockey, cars, movies/streamers and music. I LOVE discovering new music and sharing it for others to fall in love with.

My music taste is pretty diverse, some of my very favorites are: Pearl Jam, Beach Boys, Public Enemy, Elliott Smith, Duran Duran & more.

I also may or may not play video games than any grown man should.

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