This Is Colorado's Most Sung About City

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People love to express how much they enjoy their hometown or where they live. While common ways to show this love are T-shirts, merchandise, photo collections, or Instagram stories, there's one method that can be enjoyed by everyone: a good ole song!

Several iconic songs were based on great American cities, from New York and Miami to San Francisco and Chicago. When it comes to a state like Colorado, plenty of people have made musical tributes to the state's cities. Which destination, however, remains in the spotlight?

Thanks to, researchers found the most sung-about city in the Centennial State. According to the study, it's Pueblo with 10,684 songs! One would think it would be world-renowned Denver, but the Mile High City actually came in third place with over 1,300 songs.

Pueblo is one of the top steelmaking cities in the country and is one of the cheaper places to live in Colorado. Because of its manufacturing history, it's become a western melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities. You'll find dozens of different cultural festivals in Pueblo, plus beautiful mountain landscapes.

Here are the Colorado cities with the most songs dedicated to them:

  1. Pueblo: 10,684 songs
  2. Aurora: 3,868
  3. Denver: 1,325
  4. Colorado Springs: 102
  5. Westminster: 66
  6. Lakewood: 63
  7. Thornton: 54
  8. Greeley: 25
  9. Fort Collins: 14
  10. Arvada: 4

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