Here's The Weirdest Home In Colorado

House perched above flood

Photo: Getty Images

New neighborhoods are springing up in America every year, but very few homes break away from the status quo. There are houses that are replicas of iconic landmarks, tucked away in caves, or simply stand out with their wacky designs.

Cheapism found the quirkiest-looking home in every state, and some of them certainly have a fascinating story. The website states, "These unique places might be a tough sell, but they represent the blood, sweat, and tears of builders who dared to think outside the box (and brick). Here are some of the most, er, unique homes from coast to coast."

Colorado's weirdest house is the Sculptured House!

"No, a UFO didn’t land alongside Interstate 70 outside Denver, but we can see why you might think otherwise," writers say. "This five-bedroom home, built in the swinging ’60s, has appeared in Woody Allen’s dystopian satire 'Sleeper,' and it’s easy to see why. When it appeared in the film, it was actually unoccupied: The original owner ran out of funds and it sat empty for three decades."

If you're curious about more unique houses in the country, check out the full list on Cheapism's website.

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