It's KBCO Listener Favorite Stevie Nicks' Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Stevie Nicks, who celebrates her 75th birthday today (May 26th)!!! Nicks kicks off her next string of tour dates on June 16 at Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field where she'll play a double bill with Billy Joel

Back in the fall of 2020, Stevie Nicks released the double-disc live album and film, Live In Concert: The 24 Karat Gold Tour. The collection features 17 tracks including such classics as "Stand Back," "Gypsy," and "Edge Of Seventeen," as well as the first ever live recording of the pre-Fleetwood Mac, 1973 Buckingham Nicks favorite "Crying In The Night," among other live rarities.

That same month, Nicks released a new socially charged solo single, tilted "Show Them The Way," featuring Dave Grohl on drums and a video directed by Cameron Crowe.

Nicks recently revealed that she was busy working on a multimedia project based around her 1975 Fleetwood Mac classic "Rhiannon," telling Rolling Stone in 2020, "Last year I made a pitch to everybody that when this Fleetwood Mac tour is over. I’m taking next year off because I want to work on my Rhiannon book/movie (based on the original Welsh myth that inspired her song). And I want to maybe work with some different producers. I don’t know what I want to do! I just know that I don’t want a tour! So I think it’s not as hard for me as it is for the bands that had a tour coming up this year. Because they’d be getting ready to go into rehearsal right now. So not only is your tour canceled and your rehearsal cancelled, but you’re quarantined to your house?"

She went on to explain, "I have some Rhiannon poetry that I have written over the last 30 years that I’ve kept very quiet. I’m thinking, 'Well here I have all this time and I have a recording setup.' And I’m thinking I’m going to start doing some recording. I’m going to start putting some of these really beautiful poems to music, and I have the ability to record them."

2019 marked the year that Stevie Nicks finally entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist, and was inducted by Harry Styles. During her four-song performance, old flame Don Henley took the stage and duetted with Nicks on their 1981 classic, "Leather And Lace."


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