RHCP's Anthony Kiedis Doesn't Consider Himself A Musician

Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist Anthony Kiedis doesn't consider himself to be a musician. 

According to Loudersound, during a heartfelt conversation with bandmember Flea, Kiedis spoke on his lack of confidence in his singing ability, saying that in addition to him not labeling himself as a musician, he hasn't had any music education.

Flea shared the conversation with the Los Angeles Times, saying, "A really good one was with Anthony. We were both kind of in tears because I’d never talked to him about stuff like that. Anthony doesn’t really consider himself a musician or that he’s had any music education whatsoever. He used to say we should change the band’s name to Idiot and the Three Geniuses."

He continued, "And people would be down on him, you know? Eddie Vedder’s up there like fucking Pavarotti, but the resonance is different with Anthony."

When asked if he feels Kiedis is a talented singer, Flea responded, "I think he’s a great singer. And he’s always learning and getting better. When we started the band, he couldn’t sing a note — he just yelled."

He added, "Now he’s got melodies, and he doesn’t even stick to them. He flows around and improvises. Look, I know who the great singers are: Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Roger Daltrey. But for me, all I care about with any musician is that a person sounds like themselves. And nobody sounds like Anthony Kiedis."

(from pulseofradio.com)

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