Breaking Music News! Stones new LP track list is here, and it 's angry!

While an announcement for the new album from The Rolling Stones appears to be imminent, 12 song titles credited to Michael Philip Jagger and Keith Richards, with three adding producer Andrew Watt, have been registered with ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.

Reportedly titled Hackney Diamonds, the songs were posted on the Stones Facebook fan page SHIDOOBEE and further reported on the Hang Fire podcast. They are:

  1. Angry (w/Andrew Watt)
  2. Bite My Head Off
  3. Depending on You (w/Andrew Watt)
  4. Dreamy Skies
  5. Driving Me Too Hard
  6. Get Close (w/Andrew Watt)
  7. Live By the Sword
  8. Mess it Up
  9. Morning Joe Cues
  10. Sweet Sounds of Heaven
  11. Tell Me Straight
  12. Whole Wide World

There's further speculation that the first single will be "Angry," which is one of the words you receive in an email confirmation if you register with the URL at the bottom of the ad the band placed in London's Hackney Gazette newspaper -- The message sent was "DON'T GET ANGRY, GET IT FIXED!"

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