Rest In Peace, Bob Barker

So, Bob Barker. Was it 2000? It must’ve been 2000, when, inexplicably, I was invited to Television City for one of those marathon sessions where you interview the stars of the CBS Fall Lineup. It was fun! I recall meeting Kevin James, Paul Sorvino (who CHOWED DOWN at the craft services table) and a bunch of really nice people who were there to amiably chat about their latest project for the network. It took place on a Sunday, which was strange. Anyway, I decided this would be my only chance to see the studios in all of their historic glory.

I made my way down the empty Sunday halls of LA’s Television City, and found myself on the deserted set of THE PRICE IS RIGHT! I called my coworker Roger, who was also on the trip, representing a different radio station. “You’ve gotta see this!” Roger found me, and we started snapping idiotic photos of each other on the set. What a swell time! At that point, a figure emerged from the darkness. Was it Security? No! It was…Bob Barker! Wha? What was he doing there on a Sunday? I don’t believe he was part of the CBS Primetime Lineup! But there he was! He couldn’t have been nicer to a couple of idiots from Colorado. He seemed genuinely interested in what we did in the radio business. We talked for at least 15 minutes, and he graciously posed for photos with us before we said our goodbyes.

The experience left me with a haunted feeling. What was Bob Barker doing on the empty set of his game show on a Sunday? Did the meeting really happen? Regrettably, the photos are lost to history. Damn it! Rest In Peace, Bob Barker. Help control the pet population!

(Originally published on my X account, @bretontheradio.)

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