Here's the new song from Maggie Rogers!!! It's called "Don't Forget Me"

Maggie Rogers will release her third album, Don't Forget Me, on April 12th.

The title track is the first single and video, and We are going to play it today after 2 PM!

Rogers posted a letter about the album and reveals that it was "written over five days, two songs a day -- three days in December 2022, two in January 2023. It was written in chronological order... In writing the album sequentially, at some point a character emerged. I started to picture a girl on a road trip through the American South and West. A sort of younger Thelma & Louise character who was leaving home and leaving a relationship, processing out loud, finding solace in her friends and in the promise of a new city and new landscape."

Rogers co-produced Don't Forget Me with Ian Fitchuk, who played most on the instruments on the album. She says, "Most of the performances you’ll hear are first takes. The recordings were initially a collection of demos to be re-recorded with a band... We met again in March to try to beef up the arrangements, but every time we tried to change them, we kept feeling like we lost something."

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