Go Rockies!!! Baseball predictions from rock stars: :( None for Colorado

Members of Pearl JamSoundgardenThe Black KeysBushDeath Cab for Cutie and more took part in Spin's annual "Musicians Predict the Baseball Season" poll.

Here are some of their predictions, along with their favorite teams.

Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service - Seattle Mariners. "The ceiling is 90 wins and getting into the playoffs. I mean, the ceiling is making it to the World Series. I really think with this pitching, if they have a healthy starting five, they can go toe-to-toe with any team with their bullpen. For the floor, I don’t see any world in which there are under .500 this season." World Series prediction: "We’re going to have an Astros vs. Braves World Series. Braves win in six."

Mike McCready of Pearl Jam - Seattle Mariners. "My biggest hope is that the M’s can stay reasonably healthy all season. Some of the new guys have spent some considerable time on the IL over the past few seasons, but if they can avoid multiple guys going down at the same time, this team will make some noise." World Series prediction: "Mariners vs Braves."

Patrick Carney of The Black Keys - Cleveland Guardians. "I’m hoping for at least a season that keeps me interested through August." World Series prediction: "Dodgers vs. Yankees."

Nathan Followill of Kings of Leon - Detroit Tigers. "The Tigers WILL make the playoffs this year." World Series prediction: "Dodgers-Astros. Dodgers win 4-3."

Kim Thayil of Soundgarden - Seattle Mariners. "The ceiling is a 90-win season and our starting rotation will all finish with winning records. The floor is that there are injuries to that rotation and without a strong sixth man, we hover around .500 all year." World Series prediction: "L.A. Dodgers and Baltimore Orioles."

Zach Lind of Jimmy Eat World - Arizona Diamondbacks. "After the Dbacks magical run to the World Series in 2023 the optimism in the desert is in full swing. The expectation for me is that this team will be a strong playoff contender and if they don’t make the postseason it will be a significant letdown." World Series prediction: "This is an impossible guess but I hope it’s the Dbacks and the Orioles."

Brandon Saller of Atreyu - Los Angeles Dodgers. "[I'm] Always interested in how these huge contracts actually work out. Some big trades with huge money this season." World Series prediction: "Dodgers vs Orioles."

Rhett Miller of Old 97's - Texas Rangers. "Ceiling is a repeat World Series championship. Floor is a Wild Card exit." World Series prediction: "Rangers vs. Mets."

Chris Traynor of Bush - New York Yankees. "We will do better than last year, especially given the fact that last year’s Yankees had one of the worst team performances and records in the last 30 years." World Series prediction: "My manager is going to give me a hard time for saying this (he’s a hardcore SF Giants fan), but I think it’s going to be Yankees vs. Dodgers or Braves vs. Astros."

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