WILCO: New EP for Sound Festival

Wilco will release a new EP on June 28th to coincide with the start of their Solid Sound Festival in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Hot Sun Cool Shroud features six tracks started during the Cousin sessions that the band recently finished. Jeff Tweedy says, "There are tracks on Hot Sun Cool Shroud that are more aggressive and angular than anything we’ve put out in a while, and a song about love melting you like ice cream into a puddle of sugary soup. All the pieces of summer, including the broody cicadas."

And fans at Solid Sound will have the first chance to buy the EP on vinyl -- and make their own cover art. Stickers from artist Kathleen Ryan’s “Bad Fruit” collection will be at the merch booth, allowing customers to create their own cover art.

Fans can submit their cover designs to the band's label, dBpm Records, and their favorite will be selected for use on the standard LP and CD packaging when the EP is made available for sale in physical formats later this year. 

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