Bob Dylan 1st Bank Center Saturday Night

I've been going to Bob shows since the 70's and this was a top 5 for me. Dylan was engaged, animated, played piano almost the entire evening. The concert was filled with creatively re-arranged classics (Tangled Up In Blue had a jazzy swing), essential album tracks from the past 20 years along with a handful of Sinatra tunes. The night was capped with a cover of Tom Petty's Learning To Fly. There was a no photos policy in place, but while security was chasing away some dancers, my brother in law snapped this one.

Mavis Staples opened up. A joyous set of old and new, with a rousing sing along of the Staples classic, I'll Take You There. If we all had a little more Mavis in us, a lot of the world's problems would disappear. 



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