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1968 - John and Cynthia along with George and Patti Harrison, flew to India to study meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Paul and Ringo joined them a few days later, but Starr would become bored and leave. Much of the Beatles' The White Album was written during their stay.

1969 - Rolling Stone's front cover features an article on "groupies" - introducing a new term to the popular lexicon.

1969 - Sly and the Family Stone's "Everyday People" zoomed to No. 1 on the singles chart. The song is one of Sly Stone's pleas for peace and equality between differing races and social groups, a major theme and focus for the band.

1971 - The Who debut a new rock opera called "Lifehouse" at the Young Vic Theatre in London. The project is shelved after a short run of shows, but some of the songs, including "Baba O'Riley," "Won't Get Fooled Again" and "Behind Blue Eyes", become Who standards after being included on the album Who's Next.

1987 - Ben and Jerry's introduces a new flavor: Cherry Garcia, named after the Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia.

The Vermont-based ice cream company is famous for its quirky flavors, and Cherry Garcia - a blend of cherry ice cream, cherries, and fudge flakes - is the first named for a rock icon. But it was neither Ben nor Jerry who churned out the musical title for the cherry-infused concoction – but a persistent Deadhead from Maine, Jane Williamson. She originally posted the idea on the message board of her local Ben and Jerry's store, later sending a postcard to the corporate offices with the idea.

Cherry Garcia gets an enthusiastic response from ice cream lovers, ranking in the top 3 Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors, and a thumbs up from its namesake. Jane Williamson gets a standing ovation at the next shareholders' meeting and is bestowed with a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. (Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

1994 - A federal court jury ruled Michael Jackson did not steal the idea for his hit song "Dangerous" from a Denver woman who had sent him a demo tape. Jackson came to Denver to testify in court against singer songwriter Crystal Cartier who claimed he had stolen his song from one of her originals written in 1988.

As cash settlement was offered to avoid a lengthy litigation but Cartier turned it down. After a trial, which saw Jackson explain his songwriting process, the court eventually ruled in Jackson's favor.


Recording engineer and record producer Glyn Johns who worked with many artists including Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, The Who The Beatles, ('Let It Be' sessions), Eagles, the Faces and Led Zeppelin, is 80.

Mick Avory, drummer for The Kinks, is 78.

Ali Campbell, singer with UB40, is 63.

Brandon Boyd of Incubus is 46.

Conor Oberst is 42.

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