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1969 - Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash recorded a new version of "Girl From The North Country" together in Nashville, Tenn., at CBS Studios. The track appeared on Dylan's Nashville Skyline album. It was originally recorded in 1963 and released on The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. The collaboration with Cash and an appearance on The Johnny Cash Show helped Nashville Skyline become one of Dylan's best-selling albums.

1971 - Singing "Fire And Rain" and "Carolina On My Mind," James Taylor made his primetime television debut on The Johnny Cash Show, which was a variety show hosted by Cash that aired on ABC from June 7, 1969 to March 31, 1971.

1975 - John Lennon released the Phil Spector-produced Rock 'n' Roll album, a collection of some of his favorite rock and R&B oldies, including "Stand By Me". It was his final record before his self-imposed five-year exile from making records. Although the chaotic sessions that spawned this album have passed into rock & roll legend (Lennon's "lost weekend" era) and the recording's very genesis (as an out-of-court settlement between John Lennon and an aggrieved publisher after lifting a Chuck Berry line for "Come Together") has often caused it to be slighted by many of the singer's biographers, Rock 'n' Roll, in fact, stands as a peak in his post-Imagine catalog: an album that catches him with nothing to prove and no need to try. It might not, on first glance, seem essential to hear him running through these nuggets, but, again, Lennon has seldom sounded so gleeful as he does on these numbers.

1976 - The Eagles release Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975), a collection of 10 songs from their first four albums. Many fans came late to the Eagles' party, so the album is a chance for them to catch up with a digest of their back catalog. But according to Don Felder, none of the band members had any say in the decision to release the compilation album. The band complained that the album was "nothing more than a ploy by the record company to sell product without having to pay additional production costs". Don Henley said: "All the record company was worried about were their quarterly reports. They didn't give a shit whether the greatest hits album was good or not, they just wanted product." Despite being unhappy with the album's release, the band nevertheless reasoned that it gave them more time to work on the Hotel California album. As of this writing, it is the best selling album of all-time. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

1978 - Kate Bush released her debut studio album The Kick Inside which contained 'Wuthering Heights'. Bush was just 19 years old and had written some of the songs when she was only 13.


Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day, is 50

Taylor Hawkins, drummer with Foo Fighters and Alanis Morissette, is 50.

Ed Sheeran is 31.

On this Day In Music History is sourced from Business Insider, Allmusic, This Day in Music, Song Facts and Wikipedia.

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