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1964 - Marianne Faithful recorded the Mick Jagger and Keith Richards song "As Tears Go By," accompanied by future Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page on guitar and John Paul Jones on bass.

Their manager at the time was convinced that sooner or later they would have to start writing their own songs if the Stones were gonna make it. He locked them in a kitchen until them came up with one. As Tears Go By was it.

1966 - The Beatles recorded "Yellow Submarine" at Abbey Road studios in London. The track features John Lennon blowing bubbles in a bucket of water, shouting, "Full speed ahead, Mister Captain!"

1969 - John Lennon and Yoko Ono began an eight-day 'bed in', in room 1742 of The Hotel La Reine Elizabeth, Montreal, Canada, to promote world peace. They recorded 'Give Peace a Chance' in the hotel room. The song was credited to Lennon & McCartney, even though Paul had nothing to do with the record.

1972 - Mott The Hoople, on the verge of breaking up, were offered help from David Bowie, who allowed them to record two songs he wrote. They passed on "Suffragette City" but cut "All The Young Dudes," which became their biggest hit and revived their career.

1994 - Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley. They had first met when the seven-year-old Presley attended several of Jackson's concerts in Las Vegas.

The tabloids aren't buying the nuptials, claiming the whole marriage is a publicity ploy to clean-up Jackson's tarnished image and promote his forthcoming HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I album. The couple divorced in 1995.


Peggy Lee was born today in 1920.

Miles Davis was born today in 1926. A monumental innovator, icon, and maverick, trumpeter Miles Davis helped define the course of jazz as well as popular culture in the 20th century, bridging the gap between bebop, modal music, funk, and fusion. Throughout most of his 50-year career, Davis played the trumpet in a lyrical, introspective style, often employing a stemless Harmon mute to make his sound more personal and intimate. It was a style that, along with his brooding stage persona, earned him the nickname "Prince of Darkness." However, Davis proved to be a dazzlingly protean artist, moving into fiery modal jazz in the '60s and electrified funk and fusion in the '70s, drenching his trumpet in wah-wah pedal effects along the way. More than any other figure in jazz, Davis helped establish the direction of the genre with a steady stream of boundary-pushing recording

Levon Helm of the Band was born today in 1940.

Mick Ronson, guitarist best known for his work with David Bowie, was born today in 1946.

Stevie Nicks is 74. Famed for her mystical chanteuse image, singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks enjoyed phenomenal success not only as a solo artist but also as a key member of Fleetwood Mac. Possessed of a raspy croon, Nicks had a duo with Lindsey Buckingham in the early '70s, releasing an excellent folk-pop album as Buckingham Nicks before the pair were absorbed into veteran blues group Fleetwood Mac. Nicks' and Buckingham's talents helped steer the band to superstardom with the enormous hit albums Fleetwood Mac and Rumours.

Kristen Pfaff of Hole was born today in 1967.

Lenny Kravitz is 58.

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