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1964 - With Beatlemania at a fever pitch, the group's first movie, A Hard Day's Night, debuts in America.

The film has little in line of plot (can the boys make it to London in time?), but lots of character, with John, Paul, George and Ringo larking about in a series of adventures. Their acting inexperience is evident, but their charisma carries the film, which is well-reviewed and a hit at the box office. (Photo by Getty Images)

1973 - The first big oldies revival kicks off in earnest as George Lucas' new film, American Graffiti, opens in theaters. Set in 1962, the film creates a wave of nostalgia for songs from the '50s and early '60s.

The film, which follows a group of teenagers on a night out in California, has a huge cultural impact. After seeing it, Bob Seger writes his coming-of-age song, "Night Moves."

In 1974, the TV series Happy Days, set in the '50s and based on the film, launches on ABC. Music is a focal point of the show; its theme song is "Rock Around The Clock" by Bill Haley.

American Graffiti is also notable for an appearance by the famous DJ Wolfman Jack, who to this point was often heard, but rarely seen.

1973 - At a dance party in the Bronx, DJ Kool Herc plays a set with lots of instrumental breaks that his friend MCs over, marking what many consider the beginning of hip-hop.

Other DJs, notably Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa, refine the technique and add rappers to their shows, bringing the form to a new level. Eventually, the rappers become the star attraction.

Herc isn't able to cash in on his innovations, but is hailed as the father of hip-hop, cited by most early practitioners as the founder of the form.

1976 - With the help of some weed and tequila, Neil Young records an album's worth of songs in a single evening at Indigo Ranch Recording Studio in Malibu, California. Featuring "Pocahontas" and "Powderfinger," the album is buried by record executives until September 8, 2017, when it's released under the title of Hitchhiker.


Singer Eric Carmen (whose hits include "All By Myself," "Hungry Eyes") is 73. He wasalso in The Raspberries.

Joe Jackson, is 68.

Charlie Sexton is 54.

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