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1965 - The Beatles released a two-hit single with "Day Tripper" on one side and "We Can Work It Out" on the other. Day Tripper was John Lennon's his first overt reference to LSD in a Beatles song. Lennon: "Day Trippers are people who go on a day trip, right? Usually on a ferryboat or something. But the song was kind of - you're just a weekend hippie. Get it?"

1974 - Mott The Hoople (Ian Hunter, Mick Ralphs and company) announced that they were over as a band. David Bowie, a fan of Mott, would eventually give them his song, "All The Young Dudes", produce their album of the same name, giving the band a new lease on life.

1993 - MTV aired Nirvana's "Unplugged" session for the first time. The album featured an acoustic performance taped at Sony Music Studios in New York City on November 18, 1993. Unlike many artists who appeared on the show, Nirvana filmed its entire performance in a single take with the band's fourteen-song set list including six cover versions.

1997 - Nicolette Larson, best known for her hit version of Neil Young's "Lotta Love" in 1978, passed away at the age of 45. According to Larson, she heard the song when she found a tape on the floor of Young's car that included his demo. "I popped it in the tape player and commented on what a great song it was," she told the Associated Press. "Neil said: 'You want it? It's yours.'"

2007 - Singer/songwriter Dan Fogelberg died at his home in Maine at the age of 56. If James Taylor epitomized the definition and the original, late-'60s incarnation of the term singer/songwriter, Dan Fogelberg exemplified the late-'70s equivalent of that term at its most highly developed and successful, with a string of platinum-selling albums and singles into the early '80s. He made his home in Colorado for many years and is in the Colorado Music Hall Of Fame.


Ludwig van Beethoven was born today in 1770.

Göran Bror Benny Andersson (Benny Andersson) of ABBA is 76

Billy Gibbons, guitarist and lead singer of ZZ Top, is 73.Billy Gibbons earned his fame as the frontman for ZZ Top, "that little ol' band from Texas" who wound up as an enduring American musical institution.

Before forming ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons was the lead guitarist The Moving Sidewalks. Their single "99th Floor" became one of the most famous vintage garage 45s after its inclusion on Pebbles, Vol. 2.

The group supported Jimi Hendrix at one of his early U.S. gigs and Gibbons became one of Hendrix's first boosters on U.S. shores; strange as it may seem, Hendrix was quite impressed with Gibbons himself, even at this early juncture. Jimi named him as “America’s best young guitar player” during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson."(Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

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