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1956 - Rock 'n' Roll fans in Cleveland under 18 were banned from dancing in public (unless accompanied by an adult), after Ohio Police enforced a law dating back to 1931. it was the 50's...

1976 - David Bowie released Station to Station which was the vehicle for his latest character - the Thin White Duke. Taking the detached plastic soul of Young Americans to an elegant, robotic extreme, yet abandoning any pretense of being a soulman, Bowie positions himself as a cold, clinical crooner. It's not an easy album to warm to, but its epic structure and clinical sound were an impressive, individualistic achievement, as well as a style that would prove enormously influential on post-punk.

1986 - The first inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame includes some of rock's most influential trailblazers, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, and the The Everly Brothers.

Keith Richards, who joins Berry on stage with "Reelin' and Rockin'," inducts his hero, quipping, "It's very difficult for me to talk about Chuck Berry because I lifted every lick he ever played."

2001 - Jack Johnson releases his debut album, Brushfire Fairytales. It's a multi-talented guy who likes to surf and play music, who makes an honest impression here. He's not noisy or gregarious. He's content with his new creative finding. He might chase waves in his other life, but his songwriting ways do make for something quite charming.(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Firefly Music Festival)


Django Reinhardt, famous for a 2-finger guitar style, was born today in 1910. He badly burned his third and fourth fingers of his left hand in a house fire aged 18. Doctors suggested he play the guitar to keep his fingers flexible, giving him his two fingered guitar style.

Danny Federici, organ and keyboard player for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. Federici who had worked with Springsteen for over 40 years, including early bands Steel Mill and Child

Robin Zander, lead singer of Cheap Trick, is 70. Cheap Trick's Robin Zander holds the distinction of being perhaps the only singer in rock history whose influence can be detected in such polar opposite musical styles as '80s glam metal and '90s alternative. But as with countless other subsequent musicians, it was the Beatles' infamous appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show that inspired Zander to pick up the guitar, joining Cheap trick in 1975.

On This Day In Music History was sourced from This Day in Music, Allmusic, Song Facts and Wikipedia.

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