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1956 - Elvis Presley released his self titled studio album. Today it all seems so easy -- RCA signs up the kid from Memphis, television gets interested at around the same time, and the rest is history. But it wasn't that simple. No one involved (except for Sam Phillips and the band) really knew anything about this music or whether there was a reason for a rock n' roll artist to cut an album, teenagers bought 45s. But...this was as startling a debut record as any ever made, representing every side of Elvis' musical influences (except gospel) -- rockabilly, blues, R&B, country, and pop were all here in an explosive and seductive combination. Elvis Presley became the first rock & roll album to reach the number one spot on the national charts, and RCA's first million dollar-earning pop album. (Photo by Getty Images)

1978 - A&M Records sign a young new band called The Police.

2002 -The O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack, featuring a popular revival of the mountain ballad "Man of Constant Sorrow," takes bluegrass to #1 in America. This soundtrack is a powerful tribute not only to the time-honored but commercially ignored genres of bluegrass and mountain music but also to Burnett's remarkable skills as a producer.

"Bluegrass will never be the same because of that record and the way that music was presented in that movie," says Alison Krauss, who is on the album. "He had such respect for the people playing it, for the history of it, the history of roots music itself – he has such a love and passion for it in its truest form, and people responded to that."

2011 - Guitarist Pete Townshend told Uncut magazine that he regretted ever forming the band, The Who. "What would I have done differently? I would never have joined a band," Townshend was quoted as saying. "Even though I am quite a good gang member and a good trooper on the road, I am bad at creative collaboration."


Ric Ocasek of the Cars was born on this day in 1944. Inspired by proto-punk outfits the Modern Lovers, the Velvet Underground, and Roxy Music, Ocasek and friend Ben Orr formed Rick & the Rabbits, eventually changing the name to The Cars. He also produced albums by Weezer, Iggy Pop, Hole and Romeo Void.

Chaka Khan (born Yvette Marie Stevens) is 70. One of the most dynamic and accomplished artists to debut during the early '70s, singer and songwriter Chaka Khan secured her high standing as the frontperson of Rufus, who reached the mainstream with the slinking "Tell Me Something Good" (1974), a Top Five pop hit that won a Grammy. Written by Stevie Wonder, "Tell Me..." , was a rare instance where he away a tune that he could have had a big hit with himself. Her biggest solo hit was a cover of Prince's "I Feel For You". She originally sang on Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love", but her label objected, but she still got a credit for vocal arrangement. she's also heard on Steve Winwood's "Higher Love".

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