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Chrissie Hynde DOC on tonight plus she talks about being cheerful here.

Chrissie Hynde, no doubt one of music's more ornery characters, has posted on Facebook five "reasons to be cheerful."

Chrissie’s new documentary, Tomorrow Is a Long Time: Chrissie Hynde Sings Bob Dylan, premieres on AXS TV tonight at 6 pm.

Here are her reasons to be cheerful. I edited for brevity. Read the whole post on her Facebook page!

They are:

1)People stopped smoking. Not all of us, but nobody 30 years ago would have believed they would ban smoking in pubs. But they have. And despite what a few famous artists think about it, it can only be a positive thing.

2)People don’t discriminate about age anymore.------nobody cares about age if you dress cool. Case in point: Bob Dylan.

3)Girls can do anything. Especially play guitar............ My guitar playing sucks.)

4)People have the good manners to treat people according to the signals they put out. Examples: Dress like a gang member and people cower. ....... Dress like a roadie and people just ignore you. Personally I opt for the roadie look. And people are always polite.

5)Nobody really cares about gender. Everyone is too self absorbed, self obsessed, insecure to worry about someone else’s identity preference.

"So there you have it. Five reasons to be cheerful. Which reminds me that the first band I ever saw in England was Kilburn and the Highroads at the 100 Club on Oxford Street. That was before Ian Dury became Ian Dury and wrote "Reasons To Be Cheerful.'"

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