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Grant Smith

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Taking it for Granted Ep 138 - Casey Adams

Taking it for Granted Ep 137 - Keyanna Blass

Keyanna Blass is the host of "Dark Sugar Podcast" where she discusses race, gender, mental health, and self-care. She says the podcast is all about motivation, affirmation, and relationships, and Keyanna does a great job broaching topics that are sometimes difficult to talk about. Keyanna also teaches middle school Social Studies, and tries to help kids understand both sides of history. To learn more about Keyanna and her work, check out the "Dark Sugar Podcast" or give her a follow on Instagram @darksugarpodcast.

Taking it for Granted Ep 136 - Tom McGowan Part 2

Tom McGowan returns for another free-flowing conversation with Host Grant Smith. Tom is a young entrepreneur who is the CEO and Founder of All Things Good. ATG is a news outlet that is turning into a digital empire that provides only good news stories and content. Through the struggles of starting a company, moving from city to city to find work, and overcoming the naysayers who didn't believe in the power of positive news, Tom is on his way to changing how the world of media works! To learn more about Tom and his work, give him a follow on Instagram @tommcgowancreative and @allthingsgood.

Taking it for Granted Ep 135 - Anthony Rodriguez

Anthony Rodriguez is a Multimedia Professional at iHeartRadio and KOA and the "swiss army knife" that can do whatever is needed to help the radio stations run at peak efficiency. After stints at ESPN and in television news, Anthony is now doing all things social media, and even produces the "Mandy Connell Show" on KOA. Throughout his life, one thing that has always remained a constant for him is the importance of family. After living all over the country, he knew he wanted to be close to his parents, brother, and now wife, and he couldn't be happier with his decision. An avid lover of movies, music, and sports, Anthony has found his place in life and work, and continues to excel at whatever he puts his mind to. To learn more about Anthony, his weight loss journey, or just to be entertained, give him a follow on Twitter (X) @AnthonyRod33 or Instagram @thelifeofarod.

Taking it for Granted Ep 134 - Nic Dean

Nic Dean is a Comedian based out of Denver, CO, originally from Omaha, Nebraska. Through his 10 years in comedy, Nic has started to find his voice and presence on stage, and the stories of his upbringing in his set, make him relatable to so many fans. Nic spends his free time in the mountains or on the golf course, and cherishes his relationship with his wife, who is a fellow comic. To learn more about Nic, and where you can catch one of his shows, give him a follow on Instagram @dr.nicdean.

Taking it for Granted Ep 133 - Peter Canova

Peter Canova is a Spiritual Philosopher, Linguist, International Businessman, Historian, and Author of the award-winning "First Souls" trilogy, and new book "Quantum Spirituality. After a series of life-changing events, Peter began writing on spirituality and consciousness, and now hopes to help others reach their full potential in the spiritual realm. His new book "Quantum Spirituality" unravels the nature of reality through quantum physics and ancient spiritual wisdom. To learn more about Peter and his work, check out his website

Taking it for Granted Ep 132 - Delroy Gill

Delroy Gill is a Luxury Real Estate Advisor for Liv Sotheby's International Realty. He was just named the number one black real estate agent in the country, and continues to set higher goals for himself and succeeded at them. Coming to Colorado from London as a teenager, Delroy found his way in a foreign place, and began the path to where he is today. Delroy knows he wouldn't be where he is without the help of his mentors, and that is why he is so passionate about helping mentor others now. He is the founder of the Denver Gents group, helps with the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy, and spends as much time as he can with his family. To learn more about Delroy check out his website or give him a follow on Instagram @delroygill.

Taking it for Granted Ep 131 - Bri Maestas

Bri Maestas does it all covering Denver sports. She hosts the Let's Talk Broncos podcast, and hosts sports talk shows for Mile High Sports and the Fan Cave CO. In addition to all of this, she also works for CU admissions,and catches as many concerts as she can. Bri has worked in many fields, but has found her calling in sports talk radio. Overcoming challenges and being open to new opportunities has led Bri down a career path she never expected, and now she is crushing every new opportunity she gets. To learn more about Bri and her work, follow her on Instagram and Twitter @BriMaestas303.

Taking it for Granted Ep 130 - Minisode - Who We Are

A look back at some previous episodes that show what our mission is here at TIFG. Talking with people from all walks of life, and finding ways to make sense of this world.

Taking it for Granted Ep 129 - Chuck Ley

Chuck Ley is a U.S. Army Veteran, spending 10 years in active duty and being deployed multiple times. After leaving the Army due to injuries sustained while serving, Chuck spent decades working in radio all across the United States from Florida to Colorado. He now spends his time as a substitute teacher in his daughter's classroom, and being a part-time tour guide traveling the world. Chuck is a larger than life personality, making connections with people from all walks of life, and continues to chase his next adventure.